Weekly Rules

Weeklies represents what a character gets up to between Friday nights. A character is allowed to do anything they’re reasonably capable of accomplishing during this time, but only certain actions are directly applicable to the course of game.

The Weekly thread locks each week at 6:00 PM on Thursday. Please make sure to have your post in before that time.

Downtime Action Rules

There are three different types of action a character can take in their downtime. Each action covers a specific type of effort a character exerts over the week and has a specific type of goal it can accomplish.

Weekly Action: A character may dedicate a majority of their focus on accomplishing a certain task in a single week. This task often requires a check to be made, but cannot include more than one check. This action must have at least one sentence of description, explaining the context. This action type includes any action completed within the course of the week, including Craft, Artistry, and Research Projects with a Time Spent of 7 days or less.

Extended Action: A character may have a larger endeavor that they work on in the background. This action type is for any action that takes longer than one week. A single check is made at the end of the duration to represent the results of the effort. Most often, this includes Craft, Artistry, and Research Projects of a larger scope. This action must have at least one sentence of description, explaining the context, as well as a designation of progress, such as “Week 1 of 5” or “1/5.”

Training Action: A character may train as many stats as they have experience for as there is no training time mechanic. Note: specific stats may require staff approval; e.g., any Relationship (Duty), Myth/Will, obscure Lore sub-skills, etc. No single stat can be raised more than once per week, however, nor can a knack tree have more than one Knack purchased in it at a time. No stat may be used over the week it was trained.

Make sure to include enough information to properly track expenditures. Include the name of the stat being trained (including for whom Relationships are being trained) and the valued it is being trained to. If the stat must absolutely be kept a secret, please PM Staff so that it may be recorded.

Training Costs

Training costs are below. All costs are in experience are equal a static value multiplied by the level being trained, except knacks.

Trait: 6 x level
Skill: 3 x level
Focuses: New Focus x 1 (if primary focus in the skill is rated above or equal to desired rating.)
Principle: 3 x level
Relationship (Raising or Lowering): New Relationship Rating
Knacks: The listed Power Source requirement

Besides this, the character can take as many thematic, descriptive actions that they desire to represent the nature and character of their week, and their life beyond Fridays.


Characters naturally recover all Aether and Resolve over the week. If a knack is used over the week – regardless of the day it was used – the character starts game less the cost of the knack. Any damage caused by a knack used over the week does not heal that week.

All minor damage heals over the week. Severe damage heals at a rate of 1 per week, so long as the character is resting and not performing strenuous activity or in compromising circumstances. If another character spends their weekly action performing medical care for another character, that character may heal a total of 2 Severe over the week. Certain knacks may improve healing rates. Healing Knacks, such as Baptism In Blood, cannot be used over the week, and must be performed at game.

This system skews the emphasis on a character’s actions towards occurring on Friday nights, which is intentional. Important answers are rarely discovered over weekly actions and should be discussed with fellow players via roleplay or discovered through scenes.

Earning Experience & Story

Experience and Story points are both currencies used to grow a character and are earned by attending game sessions. For more information on how Story Points are used, see this thread.

Attendance: 4 Experience, 1 Story – If you show up and play for at least a while, you get 1 and 1; if you attend the whole session, you get everything. This is not meant to penalize players who can’t stay for whole sessions, but to make sure they can get at least partial attendance for the time they can come.

Costume: 1 Experience – We’ll be increasingly more strict with this. We really do appreciate obvious effort going into costumes.

Extras: X Story – Any sort of extra points will most likely be awarded as Story Points; the only current example we have is playing a Motif that has not been played before (1 Story). We’ll update as these change.

Weekly Rules

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