Unseelie Court

Coldly pragmatic and yet fueled by hearts hot with emotion, the Unseelie have struggled and prospered since the Fomorians first invaded the realms of Earth. Unseelie courtiers have Passion burning hot in their hearts, which ignites their continuous lust for Power. It is that drive fueling these Fae to hotly pursue their desires that also demands a constant need for Change. To some Unseelie, this means a chaotic rampage of self-gratification and hedonism, but for many others, it’s a straight, organized line from one goal to the next.

Unseelie Cities

Fatebound Positions

The Fae who have ventured to Earth and become Fatebound know they can never truly re-integrate with human society, and therefore are required to manage their own. All Unseelie Courts have either a King or Queen to contrast Seelie Court’s monarch, as well as the following positions.


Current Monarch: Content Not Found: Saya-Nakamura


Current Blackguard: Content Not Found: Blake

Unseelie law enforcement, military actions, and darker tasks like assassination are handled by a position known as the Blackguard. Always a dangerous noble, the Blackguard is either carefully chosen by the Unseelie Monarch for their deadliness and loyalty, or rises to the rank by proving their worth through killing the last person to hold the position.

The Blackguard’s duties involve maintaining the the security of Unseelie interests and persons of note in the Domain, ensuring the military strength of the Court is strong enough to fight the Seelie should the need arise, and performing a number of necessary but unpleasant tasks like removing rivals to the Monarch to “protect the peace”. While managing this all, the Blackguard also is expected to keep the Court’s subjects in line to prevent any overt violations of the Equinox Truce.

Some Blackguards act as bloody bodyguards, carefully watching over the monarch and killing any that threaten them. Others are spymasters that maintain a cadre of snoops and snitches that watch the monarch’s enemies closely and report on their every move.

In most Domains, the Blackguard is the chief foe of the Majordomo, acting as a check on their ambition and authority, ensuring they won’t take any action that threatens the monarch’s reign. Rarely does a Blackguard survive a coup by the Majordomo, as they serve usually as the first obstacle to be removed en route to the throne.

The majority of Blackguards have put aside the traditional combat arts of Tir Na Nog in favor of modern human combat tactics involving firearms, squad warfare, and explosives.

The Black Band

The Blackguard’s position demands a great deal of work, and many minions to be carried out. Some are spies and snitches, snoops and poisoners. These are often contracted on a case by case basis. The other major need is for additional martial muscle, which Blackguards handle by keeping a band of Unseelies mercenaries on pay.

Known as the Black Band, the mercenaries hired by the Blackguard are paid by the Largess of the Unseelie Crown. This mechanism provides the monarch a lever by which to prevent ambitious Blackguards from misusing the Black Band against themselves or loyal subjects.

Many future Blackguards first prove themselves as such a mercenary. Practicality and combat skill trumps blood, so particularly deadly and proven combatants among the commoners are often more numerous on the Blackguard’s payroll than nobles.

Just as likely to perform peacekeeping duties or security details as participate in raids or assassinations, the Black Band’s members aren’t chosen for bloodthirstiness, but rather combat capability combined with the ability to follow orders and keep a cool head.


Current Majordomo: Content Not Found: Ace

Among the Unseelie is the position of the Majordomo, who exists as the parallel to the Seneschal in Seelie Court. Like the Seneschal, the Majordomo is the monarch’s right-hand and immediate subordinate, who frequently acts with the authority of the monarch on their behalf, provides counsel, decides who may approach the monarch, acts as the ruler’s adviser, and is the arbiter of justice regarding crimes in Unseelie territory and matters.

Unlike the Seneschal, however, the Majordomo is rarely chosen for their loyalty. Instead, they are frequently the Unseelie monarch’s main competitor, the noble that presents the most danger to their rule. Friends are kept close, but enemies closer.

Unseelie Court

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