The Equinox Truce

(Copied from the Setting chapter of the book, 8/27/2016)

If the society of the Fatebound on Earth was a house, then the Equinox Truce would be the foundation. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts have a difference in ideology and mutual animosity that can turn simple misunderstandings into bloodshed, even once the Fatebound have escaped the Endless War of Tir Na Nog. After a disastrous eruption of violence blossomed in Europe shortly after the first Fatebound had started to arrive on Earth, wiser heads in each court realized that the Endless War would exist on Earth if they didn’t find a way to put an end to the cycle of violence.

In 1648 the Equinox Truce was finally accomplished after years of hard effort. It’s been standing for almost 400 years, and has become the primary instrument of law in every Fatebound domain on Earth. Each King and Queen, no matter their personal distaste for their rival court, wants to see the return to open war that they fled when they left Tir Na Nog. Therefore the terms of the Truce and its seven decrees are held sacrosanct. Those that cross them do so with their own risk.

1. Leave the War in the past.
2. Do not enter the territory of another Fae without invitation.
3. Holy ground is sacrosanct. Cause no harm there.
4. Do not make a mess among mortals that you cannot clean up.
5. Make no bargains with Those Without.
6. When entering a new domain you must make yourself known.
7. None are above the price for breaking the law. An eye for an eye.

The Equinox Truce

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