Seelie Court

The Seelie know that what is right is not always what is easy, and that others can take advantage of honor through treachery. They do not follow their path because it easy, or because it guarantees them success. They follow it because the price of putting aside Love, Honor and Beauty is far worse than the price of defeat.

Seelie Cities

Fatebound Positions

The Fae who have ventured to Earth and become Fatebound know they can never truly re-integrate with human society, and therefore are required to manage their own. All Seelie Courts have either a King or Queen to contrast Unseelie Court’s monarch, as well as the following positions.


Current Monarch: Laksha Chandrakar of Calepine


Current Paladin: Content Not Found: Kaendor

The military leader of the Seelie Court in a domain is known as the Paladin. A noble of unparalleled martial prowess and or acute strategic acumen, most paladins are seasoned warriors from the Endless War prior to their Fatebinding.

Assigned by the monarch, the Paladin traditionally rules until their death, removed from their position for only treason against the crown or another equally heinous criminal act. They serve as the head of Domain security and policing, as well as overseeing rare overt military actions. Most also act as the personal champion of the monarch in situations of that demand blood be shed to assuage honor.

Paladins have a wide range of latitude in their actions in the service of their monarchs as long as they are loyal to their ruler and aren’t overtly violating the terms of the Equinox Truce. As such, they are often the most feared member of the Seelie Court in a given Domain.

Most Paladins are experts at swordsmanship. This traditional school of fighting is highly valued by the Great Houses of Gorias and Findias. Fencing duels are still the most common method for squabbling Seelie nobles to settle their differences, and many up-and-coming warriors first attract their monarch’s attention through such. More Domains these days are slowly coming to appreciate the value of skill with firearms in a tense situation, but these “untested weapons” are still seen somewhat skeptically by the highest echelons of tradition-bound Seelie society. Paladins frequently deputize other martial Fatebound to serve as their proxies in situations that need to be handled but that the Paladin sees as beneath them.

The Twelve Peers

No matter how potent a warrior is, their strength is greatest when augmented by numbers. Each Domain’s Paladin is charged with maintaining a band of the most potent and clever warriors to aid them in the protection of Seelie interests in the Domain. By tradition this band of warriors is called the Twelve Peers, although rare is the Domain that has this exact number of Peers that serves the Paladin.

Most are nobles of notable martial prowess or strategic skill, but some unusually gifted commoners do find their way into their ranks at times. To serve as a Peer is considered a great honor, and an important step to perhaps becoming Paladin some day. A Peer has no power in their own right, but are granted authority to act by the Paladin as seen fit, permitting a great deal of latitude in the latter extending the reach of his power as need dictates.


Current Seneschal: Content Not Found: Simon

Among the Seelie, most monarchs appoint a noble to the position of Seneschal. Their immediate subordinate in governance, they are usually chosen for their wisdom and loyalty. A Seneschal is the single most powerful member of the Seelie court after the monarch, serving as the monarch’s chief adviser and right-hand. Seneschals have wide-ranging authority in most domains, capable of acting on the monarch’s behalf in most situations.

The most important power of the Seneschal is their traditional right to decide who may approach the Seelie monarch for an audience. Only the Paladin may seek the counsel of their ruler without the Seneschal’s blessing. All others must gain approval first.

A Seneschal also serves as the Seelie Court’s arbiter of justice, passing judgment on all crimes committed in Seelie territory.

Lastly, in the event where the monarch is absent or has been rendered unable to act, the Seneschal rules directly in their place.

Seelie Court

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