Ordo Arcanum Madaurus

Also known as ritual magic, sorcery is more than the simple Knacks of power common to all Fae. Each ritual requires Trappings, which are the material components and dressing to formalize the connection between the sorcerer and the strings of the Universe. They also require a Sacrifice, as great power cannot be done through only mere Aether (although it costs that as well).

There are a body of Rituals that are common to the Order, known as Canon Rituals. These can be learned by any sorcerer in the order, should they hold the Rank needed. There are also Heritage rituals that are unique to sorcerers within specific traditions known as Heritages, which act as member colleges of the Order with their own unique customs and pathways to power. Each sorcerer joins the Heritage of their master as a neophyte, and can only access the Heritage Rituals of that Heritage.

The Sorcerous Heritages

A Heritage is a college arcane, or tradition, a social subdivision of the Order. The sorcerers of the Order came from many backgrounds, many past traditions of power, many different secret societies. When they came together there were many efforts to unify them seamlessly, but some aspects stayed different and secret, creating the tradition of the Heritages.

When a neophyte first joins, they are accepted as an apprentice by an older mage. In addition to general instruction in the ways of the order, they are also inducted into the master’s Heritage, learning special customs, taboos, and rituals that are secret and unique to them.

Each comes with its own unique Treasure, which is given to a sorcerer when they join and aids the character in their rituals. They also end up with a Heritage Ban, a drawback caused by the practice of the Heritage’s magic that impacts them. Lastly, and most importantly, they get access to the Heritage’s Rituals.

The Heritages

Ordo Arcanum Madaurus

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