(Are you looking for The Crossroads, the local Waypoint of King George City?)

In Tir Na Nog, there are Seelie and there are Unseelie Court. No middle ground exists in the Endless War, and any who would seek to stand apart would be branded a traitor by both the Tuatha de Danaan and the Fomorians, and dealt with accordingly.

On Earth, things are different. There is no war, thanks to the Equinox Truce and the constant effort of those Fatebound who help maintain it. And more importantly, there are no overwhelming Godfae. In this environment, some sicken of Courts and their Principles, choosing to find their own path through life without affiliation to the twin pillars of Fatebound society.

Crossroaders have left a homeland behind, like all other Fatebound. They are the black sheep of their extended families, and can have difficulties getting along with their fellow tribesmen. But they are family.

Among the Fatebound, those who take this option are said to be on the Crossroads, standing at the axle of culture. Crossroaders are uncommon, as those without a Court have nobody to guard their back against rival Fatebound and dangerous Huntsmen. But those that do exist, and survive, manage to find themselves unique opportunities. The terms of the Equinox Truce carefully regulate the antagonism between the Courts. Restrictions exist that they cannot break without violating the terms of the Truce… but that doesn’t apply to those without a Court. As such, the Crossroaders often find themselves as agents for hire to the Courts, or sometimes as unwitting catspaws, being used to accomplish what those in the Courts cannot.


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