A Waypoint is a neutral location in a domain where all Fatebound of any court may gather and socialize without concerns of invading one another’s territory or fear of violence. Kept sacrosanct by both tradition, enforcement, and the effort of the Hearthkeeper, a Waypoint serves as the single place where members of both courts can safely commingle. It is also where Fatebound who are passing through the domain, or who have newly entered it with the intent of staying, are expected to appear and sign in.

The Heartkeeper

Every Domain has a single Hearthkeeper. This position, which is from either Court (and often, shockingly, neither), and of noble or commoner stock, is responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of the domain’s Waypoint. As the keeper of this sole establishment (which in this day and age are very frequently bars), a Hearthkeeper holds a great deal of social capital, if not much overt power, in the domain.

Current Hearthkeeper

  • Content Not Found: Clank

Previous Hearthkeepers

  • Content Not Found: Tex-Lunar
  • Content Not Found: Ahzee
  • Content Not Found: Victoria
  • Content Not Found: Abigail-Scarlet


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