Tir Na Nog

A land with no death, beyond the Endless Sea, Tir Na Nog was once a paradise without peer. The Four Cities: Findias, Falias, Gorias and Murias, have existed here since before time began, and it is from there that the Tuatha de Danaan and Fomorians first appeared, leaving their homes to wander and conquer Earth in the early days of civilization.

After the Milesian Oath, the Godfae dwelt underground in the Labyrinth for a few centuries before the Darkening drove them back to the land of their birth. Most other Fae followed, fleeing the Dokkalfar as well as desiring the light of the sun, the joys of sea and field, and the bustle of cities.

Then the Endless War came.

Each side blames the other for starting it. If anyone once knew the truth, it’s been lost in a war that has been continuing for over a thousand years.

Tir Na Nog

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