The Courts

(Copied from the book, 8/27/2016)

At the heart of the Endless War in Tir Na Nog is a conflict between two rival philosophies. The Seelie Court, led by the Tuatha de Danaan, believes in the principles of Honor, Beauty, and Love, putting these above all other considerations. The Unseelie Court, led by the Fomorians, instead adheres to the principles of Power, Passion, and Change. These differences, which would be enough to create conflict in men, is exaggerated even more by the emotional extremity of the Fae.

Even when they flee the war as refugees on Earth, and turn their backs on the Godfae, most Fatebound still adhere to their Court’s philosophy. They don’t want to die in a war for it, but it is a central pillar to their identity and behavior in life. As such, the refugees continue to organize themselves into these rival Courts, which causes flare-ups at times between them.

Each Court is composed of two Tribes, which represent the citizens of one of the Four Cities of Tir Na Nog: Findias, Gorias, Falias or Murias. Both Findias and Gorias belong to the Seelie Court. Murias and Falias follow the Unseelie Court. Although they no longer live in these grand, eternal cities, the Fae identify strongly with their cultural heritage and frequently organize into social groups around their Tribes, continuing the traditions even in diaspora in their new homes.

The Courts

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