From the first days, the Unseelie have valued the use of power. Led by their king, Balor, the Fomorians were the first of the Fae to wrest lands from the tribes of mortals. And despite defeats and setbacks, the Fomorians rose up again and again, fueled by their desire for new power, to the ruin of men and Seelie Fae alike. Even now, the Fatebound of the Unseelie Court step up at every opportunity to take what power they can.

The Unseelie know that without power, everything else is meaningless. Might makes right, and it is victors that write history, deciding what is true and false. For this reason, the Unseelie covet power, gathering it up as a precious currency that they can spend to make their mark on the world, deciding for themselves what the future will be like, and someday breaking the stalemate of The Equinox Truce, and then someday ending the Endless War once and for all.

Associated Traits: Might, Heart

Example Violations: Letting others take power that one has earned, giving away power to others when it’s unnecessary, failing to cultivate growth in one’s power when the opportunity presents itself, failing to use power earned to accomplish one’s agenda


Waypoint LARP: King George City Janae Janae