The Fae are creatures of endless passion. The emotions of mortals are fragile, weak things next to the beating heart of the Fae as they revel in their joy and sorrow. The Unseelie see any code that seeks to hide the true passion that fills a person’s soul to be a form of enslavement and betrayal to the principles of freedom and life. For this reason, the Unseelie follow their passions, and encourage them in others. Only then can all be free.

It is by passion that the Unseelie have made their mark on both Tir Na Nog and Earth. In each Fae is an endless well of emotions that are a thousand times stronger than what any mortal can feel. Refusing to hide their hearts behind walls of tradition or social norms, the Unseelie act on their powerful feelings as they will, when they will.

Associated Traits: Appeal, Intellect

Example Violations: Hiding one’s emotions and passion, admonishing or stopping another individual from expressing their emotions and passions freely, destroying passion in others, failing to act on one’s passion when one has the ability to do so.


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