(Copied from the book, 8/27/2016)

Some would say that all you need is love. The Seelie would agree. They see love as the keystone of eternal greatness. The tales told the most and remembered the longest are ones of true love, they claim, and it is through this emotion that heroes are born and kingdoms rise and fall. The Seelie work hard to foster love where they can, to nourish it while it lasts, to defend it to the death, and to mourn it when it ends.

The Seelie’s value of of love is not the mere lust of flesh, but true love that binds souls, changes lives and alters the course of entire countries in its sway. To the Seelie, honor and beauty exist to protect and glorify love, that it might shine brighter to inspire and bring hope to those who witness it. Seelie Fatebound will die, and kill, in the name of love.

Associated Traits: Wits, Heart

Example Violations: Fostering heartbreak, intentionally destroying the love between individuals, not defending love when one has the power to do so, failing to celebrate love when one has the power, being dishonest about or hiding one’s love.


Waypoint LARP: King George City Janae Janae