(Copied from the book, 8/27/2016)

For the Seelie, all actions must begin from an honorable intent. A word given has meaning. Obligations owed must be repaid. Those in power have the right to expect obedience, and those sworn to duty are expected to put their personal desires aside for their betters.

Before any other principle, the Seelie act with honor. They respect the traditions of those that came before, and subordinates follow the orders of those in station above them because that is the way of things. They offer their foes fair terms, even when they know they will not receive the same. Seelie Fatebound know that the causes they serve are more important than their own wants.

Associated Traits: Might, Poise

Example Violations: Breaking a promise, disobeying an authority figure, disrespecting or despoiling tradition, manipulating others through lies, failing to pay back obligations, failing to show respect to honorable enemies.


Waypoint LARP: King George City Janae Janae