The past is the past. The future is unset. The Unseelie know that by embracing change over tradition that they will not only survive the turmoil of the modern world, but thrive in it. Only that which is dead fails to change, and the Unseelie will not hold still and accept that the lessons of the past are the only lessons worth learning.

To the Unseelie, tradition is stagnation, and stasis is death. In their eyes, the Seelie notion of honor is outdated and poorly fits the modern world and the problems that comes with it. For them, change is life, the evolutionary force that has spurned social and technological innovation. The Unseelie aren’t interested in chaos, which they see as entropy instead of evolution. But each day they look to remove the old and outdated from their lives and embrace the new and different. The day they stop changing is the day they’ve stopped living.

Associated Traits: Wits, Spirit

Example Violations: Living a static life, not seeking ways to improve one’s self, preventing others from improving themselves if it does not harm oneself, turning one’s back on new skills or technology that would prove more beneficial in a situation for the sake of what is old and familiar.


Waypoint LARP: King George City Janae Janae