(Copied from the book, 8/27/2016)

Beauty is a symbol of virtue, both in the world and in individuals. The Seelie see the surface as representative of what lies beneath. This is not to say that beauty cannot hide evil, or that good cannot exist under an ugly visage. But beauty speaks of virtue that can be brought out through effort, and ugliness speaks of flaws of character that have yet to be revealed. It’s a hard truth, but one they take to heart.

Contrary to the oft-spoken adage, beauty is not skin deep. Although beauty is often in the eye of the beholder, and comes in many forms, those things of worth and virtue have their inner beauty show through all the way to their exterior. A Seelie courtier always strives to promote and protect beauty. They cast away that which is ugly or blemished, as such represents deep flaws buried within a person or object. Without beauty, what place would the Fae have in the world?

Associated Traits: Appeal, Spirit

Example Violations: Failing to protect the beauty of the world, or the beauty of a person, ignoring the blemishes and flaws that persist in malevolent people, bad plans, or blighted landscapes, destroying valuable art, music, and culture, or failing to promote it when one has the power to do so.


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