Laevateinn Mask


Metal and blackwood in the shape of a cow skull, Mardeaux is a horrifying sight for any Fae. Unfortunately for many Mardeaux is a very vocal treasure. Often it will confess its disdain for Fae, but occasionally will let the friends it knows that it doesn’t hate them as much as others.

Laevateinn armor and accessories automatically generate a temporary Relationship (Fear) 4 in all Fae that witness the wearer, and Fae must spend succeed on a [Heart + Dismiss] check at resisted difficulty plus the wearer’s [Heart + Intimidation] to attack the wearer. This check can only be made once every ten minutes, but once succeeded the attacker may continue their attack for the remainder of the scene. If the wielder attacks a Fae unprovoked, the Fae target and their allies may attack in return for the duration of a battle.

Interesting enough when the mask is familiar enough with an individual it’ll depart advice to the best of it’s ability, although it ends with the conclusion of “kill your problem” more often than can be comfortable.

Description: The Treasure counts as providing help for the purposes of Teamwork in any task that its skills would qualify it to assist in. This bonus doesn’t merely apply to its owner, anyone in earshot of it’s voice can “benefit” from the Treasure’s Wisdom.

When Mardeaux senses a potent Fae it’ll become agitated. Darkness seeps off the mask like fog and haunting purple slits will appear in the eye holes of the skull design.

The armor or accessory glows darkly in the presence of all Fae with a Power Source rated at 8 or higher

An uncomfortable skill the mask recently has been spotted doing is moving on its own. It’ll hover mere inches above the floor and silently glide to its destination.

The Treasure has recovered a certain amount of mobility. As long as it is bound to the character, it may move about on its own in whatever fashion makes the most sense for its construction and shape. Suits of armor are far more flexible and capable of movement, whereas swords tend to drag themselves across the ground.


The Wrymwrought Materia was brought into existence and shaped by the Dwarf Crafter Simon.


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