Sal Atin

Unseelie Dragonkin


Sal stands at 5’11", with yellow eyes, lightly curled brown hair, and purple scales around his eyes. His ears are slightly horned, and are also covered in purple scales, though he frequently covers this fact with a beanie. His teeth are slightly pointed, and he shows them often in his crooked, yet dazzling smile. His strikingly attractive features are enough to send all eyes in a room onto him, and this is only intensified by his brazenly confident and carefree manner.


Sal’s fae life-story and mortal background are a mystery, which he has deigned not to clarify with any in the domain as of yet. However, he has alluded to family problems, and having to start over after moving from far away to escape trouble that, most likely, he himself caused, and probably for no better reason than to see what would happen if he rocked the boat.

Regardless of his past, and whatever he is running from, it becomes blatantly clear to anyone who talks to him for more than a few minutes that he’s only interested in one thing: Having a good time.

Sal Atin

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