Naeem Atum

Priest of Anubis


weathered olive skin covers the slim frame supported by a cane. black hair streaked with white gives credence to his long time wandering the earth. his pale eyes squint when intently focused on a task.


Naeem served as a priest under Anubis. Before the darkening turned him into a Dakkalfar. after the escape from Tir Nog, Naeem became an oracle to the would be kings and generals of the Nile delta. After a period of time it was assumed it was safe to return home. But the way home was swallowed by the sands. only Anubis knew the way home and he has long since sought the depths of the labyrinth. so Naeem set on the task to find the Grimware of Anubis. the original book of coming forth by day. in the hopes of finding his old master so that he can have a fair chance at the scales of the final gate.

HIs journey has taken him far and wide across the Earth. Time has meandered under his feet. Empires have risen and fallen. He scours ancient text for long ago stories riddled in half truths. He prays to the Gods for the Strength and wisdom to keep going.

Naeem Atum

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