Eon, The Final Star

The Rephaim of the Domain


Standing approximately at 5’6’’, Eo appears much larger with the frame of his sturdy wings and tall horns. His moonstone and eyes are a matching red with a very fair complexion.

The Rephaim has a history of being intense and jovial. Since becoming a Demon and losing his ability to lie, he often finds himself lost for words trying to recreate the same tones of sarcasm or comical timing. His deceptive tactics for combat have also diminished in his path to Truth.

How much others trust Eo’s competence depends on each other’s perspective. Some consider him a mad-scientist of a sorcerer carving a destructive path of impulse in his wake, while others believe in his design. Other sorcerers typically look down on the Rephaim for his reluctant commitment to the arts, but appreciate his ability to respect the Order and avoid causing trouble. Tales of Malediction can appreciate his Wicked demeanor and history, while few other Fae recognize the Fiend’s dark arts because of a lack of understanding.

Unseelie Courtiers can feel his ambitious hunger, an amazing combination of Power and Passion that leaves the Fiend pushing forward with little mercy to the path he chooses.

Practitioners of Earth Magic see the Rephaim as a sage of the arts. Clay and rich soil often cling to the underside of his boots and the compassion of the Earth Mother is present in his being.


Down near the bottom of the Falias pit dungeons, Eo was mentored by a legend Interrogator until his skill flourished. Circumstances led his mentor to guide the Fiend to flee away from Falias, and he took off to Earth after a few misadventures in Murias.

Greg the human was noted to be a wanderer, never settling down to find a home.

Together these two came to make the Fatebound Swayne.

Eo was born during Imbolc 2016 in Elysium. What happened specifically is a secret, but the result was the death of the Fatebound Swayne and the rebirth of himself as a Rephaim. Shortly after he adopted the name Eon to match his new form.

Eon, The Final Star

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