Donald Magnus


A red bearded dwarf with a fondness for motorcycles and ale. Hes built like a wall of stone. His face kindly with wrinkles around his eyes etching wisdom and worry into his granite like skin. His beard is red and brown like copper and is kept braided in Chainpalace tradition.


Sodel in his youth was sold to a master smith in order to better his lot from the beggars life his adopted parents lead. He became an excellent smith and the Dwarven nobles of Chainpalace offered to hire his services for the glory of the seelie. He was taken to the mountain home of Chainpalace. As part of a pact every smith forged a chain that tied them to their forge. Making an oath to not leave the forges until the Seelie had won the war. Little did Sodel know the war would not end in Tir Na Nog

A weary Cyclops named Nocc warned Sodel against making this treacherous oath it being tantamount to slavery having already worked for centuries. He showed Sodel how to forge a flaw in his chain so he would not be bound forever to work the forge. Sodel weary of his new masters and always a little paranoid during his early days living life as a beggar accepted the Cyclops’s knowledge and forge his chain with a small yet undetectable flaw.

Donald did the work. Certain his armor and his machines would bring a swift end to the war. Weeks turned into years turned into centuries. The Taskmasters never cared for quality of work. They would whip and berate their workers for slapdash repairs and mass produced armaments. Donald could no longer take pride in his work. His desire to build works of beauty were so strong it threatened to burst his heart.
Nocc and Donald conspired to break their chains and escape from the under-mountain. Nocc had heard rumors that there were fey who had managed to tie their tales in with the destiny of humans. On a night of celebration over a recent victory over the unseelie while the nobles were distracted Sodel and Nocc broke their chains and subdued a taskmaster. They took the keys and supplies and escaped into the mining tunnels where precious metals were unearthed to fuel the seelie war machine.

Their escape did not go unnoticed for long and soon taskmasters and their hounds were hot on their trail. A bolt from a crossbow struck Nocc in the leg forcing the two of them to slow. Nocc knowing that escape for him was no longer possible sacrificed his freedom pushing Sodel to safety and fighting the hound and taskmasters buying time for Sodel to make is escape. (work in progress)

Donald Magnus

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