Christmas Cliffe


Standing at a staggering height of nine feet and two inches, Christmas Cliffe is a behemoth of a man. If his height wasn’t a giveaway, his deep blue skin would clearly mark him as a Nephilim. With slightly above average features – a sharp face, long brown hair (generally pulled back into a ponytail), eyes that match his skin, and golden tribal tattoos that spiral down both of his arms – he is a sight to behold.

He is set apart from the seeming majority of his kind by two distinctive attributes. First, his dark grey horns are filed down – only rising two inches from his forehead. Secondly, he doesn’t command the reverence that most of his kind do, in the hearts of humans.

Descended from the warrior caste of Nephilim, he has beyond superhuman strength and a superhuman speed to match.



Alam Gal was a rare thing in fae society – a second born Nephilim son. Born to a different father than his half brother, it was quickly recognized that the innate ability to rule was absent from him. Thus he was given his name and set to be trained as a warrior of Findias. His quick eyes and ability to make snap decisions earned him a place of command within the ranks of the Torchbearers who guard the city of fire.

He served as a guard for just over four hundred years without serious incident, before a massive attack crashed over the walls. Alam’s unit was the only to successfully hold the wall, and was given credit for saving the city from being breached on that day. His heroism, seemingly contrary to his name, earned the attention of the house Redcrosse who offered him prestigious entrance into their house…but the attack had also been all Alam had needed to learn the Endless War wasn’t for him.

Before he was inducted into Redcrosse, he found the reclusive Rumpelstiltskin, who was rumored to have found a way past the Milesian Oath. Having gained the knowledge of fatebinding he left for Earth over four hundred years ago.


Christmas Cliffe’s entire life was a lie. Born in a small village, sitting atop a cliff in England, in the year 1600, Christmas was named for the holiday that he was born on…Except he was born on December 23rd, not on Christmas day. However, a child born on Christmas was considered good luck and presumably his parents had wanted some form of good luck. He lived a quiet life until his 16th birthday when bandits attacked his village. Christmas fled into his house while his village was slaughtered. As the raider’s came knocking, he found he wasn’t alone – and was given the chance to fatebind by a Nephilim who’d been searching for the perfect match to his own fate.


Cliffe has lived an extremely long life as far as fatebound go, and by the time he showed up to King George city – it shows in his mannerisms. He is never quick to leap into trouble, taking his time to think through situations first. However, in tight situations he makes snap judgement calls that have been honed from four hundred years of war.

It started with the 30 years war, the last true conflict between Fatebound on earth. The war, largely manipulated by Fatebound politics, was brutal – both sides certain that they would be able to secure control of earth. The war came to an end in the Siege of Prague. In fact, as Cliffe remembers it, it came to an end when Cliffe struck down the Unseelie monarch on the field of battle. It was then that he lost his horn, and almost his life, to the blade of the Unseelie Monarch.

Over one-hundred years later Cliffe would find himself fighting against the revolution in America as an English infantry member. When England was repelled Cliffe was left stranded in America, where he would then wander west to try and disappear.

Again, just under one-hundred years later Cliffe fought for the south in the civil war.

Fifty years later Cliffe fought for Germany, in the trenches of World War I.

Thirty years later Cliffe fought up through the Japanese Isles in World War II.

As World War II ended, Cliffe once again set to trying to disappear from significant events in the world. He would succeed for seventy years, drifting as a giant gambler throughout the United States, before flooding in Texas pushed him north. He’d heard of King George City on his travels and perhaps without truly knowing at the time, decided to find a place he wouldn’t run from.

Christmas Cliffe

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