Bob Barker of House Calidore


Bob doesn’t look like much for a Glory with her messy blonde pigtails, big forest green eyes, and baby face. Yet the air transcendence and the puckered burn scars on her left arm hint that there’s more to her than meets the eye. She’s small of stature, yet has the well-toned physique built up from from years of devout archery and backstage work.

While having access to a considerable amount of money, tends to dress in dark worn down clothing, ranging from tank tops and tattered jeans to skirts and older looking skirts and blouses. After all, what’s the point of dressing up in expensive clothes if you’re just going to go, get shot, and get blood all over everything? No thanks…

While Bob does not possess immediately obvious fae feature like most other fatebound, people watching closely her might notice that her feet don’t always touch the ground when she walks, or might catch her free floating away from the ground entirely if she forgets to concentrate on her footing. She gives the common courtesy of floating at eye-level with other fate-bound she’s talking to, but only in the safety of the Waypoint or when the need arises.

Bob Barker of House Calidore

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