Ace 'of Spades' Roy

Raven Trickster, Majordomo of the Unseelie Court


Standing at 5’7" with black hair and a sense of fashion any mid 2000’s scene kid would be proud of Ace is either completely noticeable or just another face on the street.

A cursory glance would lead one to the conclusion she was just another one of those hot topic types who wears too much make-up while a more detailed look would eventually lead some people to a more magical conclusion.

Ace’s eyes are violet and in addition to the feathers sticking rather randomly out of her black hair. She has soft black bird-like scales on her forehead and coming down her cheeks the space between her eye brows down to the bridge of her nose. The front of her leg below the knee is also covered in similar rough scaling. Her nails on both hands and feet are naturally black and slightly pointed and curved.

As an Animal Trickster Ace can take the form of a raven that resembles the common black raven of most myths. She stands about two and half feet tall with a wing span of 55". Nothing distinguishes her from other normal birds save for when she has her treasure armor on.

Pictures of Ace



Fae Side:

Born and raised in the streets and skies of Falias Ace spent her fae life as a messenger and herald for the nobles of the Unseelie court in the heart of the frozen city. At times her life was no more than being a fancy carrier pigeon flying love letters between young nobles while other nights found her flying high over Seelie territory dodging fire arrows.

Unlike the native fae ravens of Falias Ace’s messenger talents came from her photographic memory and need to never actually carry a message. However carrying such information can be dangerous and easy to abuse. Due to a curious and anti authoritarian nature the raven often found herself down in the Ice Cells below the city for a bit of good old fashion ‘rehab’ for her selling of information to others outside contract.

After a particularly bad sentence in the frozen ground Ace decided to try her luck across the endless sea and employed the help of a local Falias Raven named Bard whom she had befriended over the years.

Human Side:

Aiden Roy was born and raised in Seattle Washington to a pair of loving middle class airplane engineers working at the Bowing air fields.

Her life was that of any normal white kid, she went to public schools all through out high school, lived the life of a big city teenager, and decided to continue on to college at UW. Unlike her parents Aiden decided to get a Biology degree with a specification in Zoology to pursue a dream of working in animal conservation.

The person who arguably meant the most to Aiden was her father, who she spent almost every weekend with growing up working on planes and learning about the history of human flight. He called her his ‘Ace in the hole’ and when she was old enough he started to take her out in his circa WWII plane to fly around the pudget sound. Aiden worked her way from passenger to co-pilot to being able to pilot the plane herself.

Time in sky gave Aiden a love for birds that no other animal could equal in her eye. Flying among them in the plane with her father was one of the purest joys in her life and she knew her dad loved seeing them in the sky almost as much as she did.

Aiden’s father died one night when an unexpected storm hit the bay where he was making a routine test flight for Bowing. Lightning damage to the right wing brought the plane down into the water. Medics confirmed that he died upon impact.

His death effected Aiden and her mother deeply. His plane was put into storage and her mother retired to a much smaller part time job for the air company she could do working from home.


Deciding she wanted a knew name and life Aiden moved to KGC and picked up the new name of Ace based on the nickname her father had given her.

The Trickster spent her first couple of months in Seattle as street performer and moved down to KGC to do more of the same, drawn in by word of a larger fae community.

Ace 'of Spades' Roy

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