Eri Atin Dranii

Eri is rather playful and likes getting people very drunk. A pro performer and thief.


Eri is a 5’3’’ euro-asian Bakeneko. She is lovely, more so than most, with dark blue and black ears and tail. Her ears have a number of piercings and none of them match. Eyes are a glowing crimson red with cat’s pupils and her hair is a dark brown, usually short, wild and wavy. She also has claws for fingernails, but keeps them under the radar somehow.

Trademark items are a messenger bag patterned blue with orange lantern plants, a swede hat, beaten-up jacket, supple gloves, multiple necklaces and a Manx with silver eyes.

Beware if you hate any of the following: pranks, drinking, thieves, cats, dancing, knives and or singing.


Eri Atin Dranii was born in the city of Falias a number of years ago to House Atin. They attempted repeatedly to groom Eri to be a spy or assassin for the Unseelie, but she followed her own ambitions. Namely, she would pretend to cooperate while moonlighting as a thief. This went on for years before her family decided to send her to war with the rest of her cousins. After her third battle ended with her guts blasted everywhere, she lost interest in being a soldier.
Eri left to be a part of a thief band and developed a close personal relationship with one of the leaders, a Phoenix named Skylar. They visited every city, stole whatever took their fancy and hightailed it out. This repeated for years until they broke into House Pyroclese’s treasure vault and Skylar was caught in a pit filled with stakes. Eri’s brother Rune was delighted to have caught them and began torturing Skylar. Eri loses control and Firelusts, killing and maiming everyone but fails to free Skylar before blacking out. When she comes to, she discovers Rune had not only barred her from seeing Skylar, but turned her into a slave for the entire Pyroclese Clan to enjoy.
Eri returns to stealing with both a vengeance and a purpose: to develop her skills to the point she can do a sucessful jailbreak. It takes nearly forty years before Eri finally was ready.
When she finally does break in, Eri finds Skylar terrified/crazed and has to knock her out and stuff her in a sack to get away. When freed, Skylar clobbers Eri and escapes to Earth, leaving a very angry and confused Bakeneko in her wake. So Eri returns to the main house and rampages, killing everyone in her path and especially Rune.
Decades after this Eri wandered the woods, uncaring of anything until she came across a Manx (cat without a tail) about to be eaten by a wolf. She fends it off easily and bonds with the Manx, giving him the name Diavel. They become partners and Eri returns to the life of crime. After becoming even more infamous once again, Eri’s family drags her into the dungeons and present her with a choice. She could be their spy willingly with no torture or unwillingly with torture. Eri declined, being Eri. She refused to be molded into a tool.
After a week of torture, Diavel finds her and helps break her out of the Dungeons. This time Eri heads to Earth, sick of being hunted by her family. And a new chapter begins.

Ayama Loom was born in Vancouver, British Colombia in 1992 on a freezing winter day. She and her older sister Jessica were raised in Whistler, a skiing town, by their Japanese mother Chinatsu and their Norwegian-Canadian father Oddmund. Oddmund Loom is a professor whose research deals intensively with Middle Eastern and Native American artifacts and cultures. He often brought Ayama with him to the universities he visited and later even the blackmarket dealers he developed contacts with.
Ayama loved her dad, but she wanted to be more than the little sister constantly upstaged by her older, perfect sister. She was a drama nerd who knew the script back and forth before everyone else, constantly practicing. But ultimately, it wasn’t enough: Ayama never made it to the big leagues or traveled anywhere exotic. She became a bartender/waitress/musician at an Irish pub named the Drunken Fiddler’s Seat. Ayama watched life pass by and couldn’t bring herself to change it. Not until she met Eri.

Currently her homebase is in KGC, where she has opened a cosplay/specialty store named Oriental Masquerade. She is still part of the Opera company where she works part time as a dance instructor and choreographer. Recently, Eri was dark-touched on a mission to kill a Dragon. It remains to be seen how she will react once the shock has faded.

Eri Atin Dranii

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