Shanti Rose Turner

Beautiful. Unnerving. The Seelie Court's soft-spoken mystery.


White upon white, ice wrapped in brilliant colors—as if by enclosing herself in vivid fabric, she might counter the alien nature of her appearance. With white skin peppered by the occasional sear of too much sun, white hair wrapped in a thigh-length fall of twisted dreads, white eyebrows and lashes, the only color to Shanti Rose’s natural appearance comes in the eerie shade of red/pink irises.

She is of average height, thin at waist and her long, slightly disproportional limbs, and displaying something of an hourglass shape at waist and chest. At her right breast, just at the swell revealed by certain styles of shirts, a spider is tattooed on her flesh—black and red, arachnid legs bent as if to leap off the flesh it clings to.

To say something about her gives one pause is a truth universally acknowledged—if it’s not the obvious alienness of her coloring, it’s her slightly off proportions. If it’s not that, it’s something about the way those pink-hued eyes stare directly at one, as if through a crystalline mirror. If not any of that, it’s something far more unsettling; a sense of Other to her presence that leaves all in her path with a visceral disgust for the outsider among them.

And yet, she is startlingly beautiful. How, why, seems to vary with the beholder. Is it her fine bone structure, with its deception of delicacy carved in diamond-fine lines? Or is it the way her features compliment each other—a stunningly shaped mask placed upon an unsettling truth beyond? Each will have their own opinion of it. And their own method of coming to terms with the juxtaposition of undeniable beauty and unavoidable unease.


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Shanti Rose Turner

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