Captain Marche

Helicopter Crash Guy


An incredibly charming and foolhardy Bakeneko named Marche left a memorable impression on anyone who met the reckless adventurer. Most can only speculate his real age, somewhere between 20-24. Nearly an infant and barely a man as both Fae and Human, it is more tragic that such a young life had sacrificed itself to help save the city.

Marche became legendary for an incident in which he didn’t understand what he had done. During a helicopter chase over international waters Marche had attempted a car-chase maneuver with his vehicle, causing a massive eruption decimating all the Hunters they were chasing, and badly damaging, but miraculously not killing any of his passengers.

Soon after the helicopter crash Marche had developed a special magic that could commandeer any motorized vehicle, commanding it to surge forward defying most sense of physics in the process. Anyone who had rode as a passenger to Marche during ANY of his travels agreed it was difficult to tell what special relationship the Captain had with reality for how often it seemed that he bended the rules.

During Captain Marche’s service to the Domain he was promoted to Blackguard after Urist left. He voluntarily stepped up with no opposition. Proving himself was difficult because he was a commoner, but his penchant for violence and showcase of Unseelie principle worked well in his favor. Less than a year into his term as Blackguard the events of Mattu’s resurrection occurred, making him one of the shortest serving Blackguards.

Infamous for his eccentric fighting style, Marche often fought with little shame. Might makes right and the cat only had nine lives. After a tragic display of critical failure, Marche’s gun established a reputation of blood thirst and horrible fortune. The Magnificent Marauder was Marche’s signature weapon, a heavy revolver ready to spill blood and reap misfortune in its wake. It was the killing device against its own wielder in a case of self-sacrifice and hex magic.

A Ghost Jade statue of a lucky cat exists with a swivelling paw at his tomb in the yurt to bring fortune to any visiting the Bakeneko’s grave.

It is rumored a scarred mangey black cat with a gleam of mischief in its eyes can be spotted wandering around the Industrial District.


The reasons why Marche came to Earth and why they Fatebound were lost to time. All that is recalled was his time and service to the Domain during a Milesian heavy era for King George City. A memorial exists in the Yurt for the young Blackguard after perishing fighting the Compass Star’s darkened form attempting to bring Hell to the Realms.

It is recorded in the Waypoint Directory that Marche was without a tribe, living out in the wastes beyond Tir Ni Nog. The human lived in town and was the captain for a cargo ship with several human companions.

Captain Marche

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