Blake Reece-Darling

Gender Neutral Duke of Murias and CEO of Spade Consolidated


More attractive than average, Blake stands at 5"9 and can be considered fairly human looking, if you look past the horns, purple eyes, forked tongue, horrifying flying half-imp child that likes to live in their satchel, and the cat sized centipede with a green geode exoskeleton that can and will say hello to you.

Their brown hair is normally down and they tend to lean more towards suits now that their days of running around as Blackguard have finished. They are never without their silver and ebony cane sword, multiple Soul Crystals, Oricalcum badge, and Icesteel pendant hanging from their left horn. If one looks closely, they may see the Wishalloy armor poking out from beneath their vest.


During their reign as Blackguard, Blake lead the Unseelie Courtiers through the Dokkalfar Civil War against Vanestra and the shifting of reality.

Current Duke of Murias, CEO of Spade Consolidated (an investigations, security, and research company), spouse to Stella Reece-Darling (owner of the Cat-fe), and lover of Ace the Majordomo

The gender neutral detective will still pop in from time to time by the use of Soul Crystal, and will gladly provide assistance to the courts when necessary. Aside from that, they run their company and enjoy their time with their ever growing and changing family. They can also be seen in the company of the Duchess of Falias, Saya, as well as making a guest appearance at Finn’s Strip Club.

Spouse: Stella Reece-Darling
Lover: Ace
Baby Daddy: Eon
Mooncalf: Mephistopheles (fathered by Felice)
Fae Blooded Child: Westley (fathered by Eon)

Before Blake took a step back to not have to kill one of their loved ones…again, they were the Blackguard of the Unseelie Court, having been the Lieutenant of the previous Blackguard Alastar and the predecessor of the current Blackguard Thomas. As a master swordsman, specializing in the Dance of Shiva and warrior of the House Gardante, Blake took up their position when Alastar fell in battle during the Elysium Incident and proceeded to continue to lead the Unseelie Court’s forces during the showdown with the Choir. Once back on Earth, Blake had to deal with an Alastar Imposter, a vigilante, a drug cartel fronting as a church group trying to help wayward teens, and Ace’s past coming to drag her back to Tir Na Nog. Blake also lead the Unseelie forces against Vanestra during the Frost Court Civil War and during the assault on the Serpent fortress for the Heart of the World.

After Reality was stabilized, they stepped down from the position as Blackguard, wanting to focus on figuring out who they were.

Calm and focused, Blake speaks politely to all they meet, though sometimes their Tale of Love nature can shine through and cause them to be a bit flirtatious. The Incubus treats others with respect and would rather go with being short and concise and cold over loud and fiery when angry. Speaking before striking, the Gardante’s bite is worse than their bark. The quickest ways to irritate them is to attack someone’s identity and rudeness. But, for the most part, Blake is a soft spoken, soft smiles, and caring individual.

Blake Reece-Darling

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