Waypoint LARP: King George City

Tall Tale: It's a Bet

“Theres someone here for you. Pretty cute one too, a little on the nerdy side, poor guy looks like he hasn’t seen sun in years but for a computer consultant he isn’t bad looking” A computer consultant? She had trouble recalling ever calling for one of those? Valour turns around from the filling cabinet to turn to her coworker.
“I’m pretty sure he’s not for me, my computers fine Em” Valour turns on her computer and gestures to it with a hand as if to prove a point but Emily simply just waves a dismissive hand at her.
“Well he says he was called here to look at your computer and he’s pretty cute so why not at least let him look, worse case scenario your computers fine AND you get a phone number”
“I’m not looking for dates” Valour cut in sharply. “Em you know that” Emily rolls her eyes.
“Oh sweetie are you still not over that boy yet, honey you need to get back into mingling. You can’t stay hung up over some guy forever”
“he was my fiancee Em” Valour mumbles, choosing to look at her paperwork over the big eyes of her coworker. “It’s harder than just getting over a boyfriend”
“You haven’t even tried! Look i’m going to send him back here and at least try to be nice to him, okay? For me?” Valour opens her mouth in protest, glancing up to Emily who is turning around and walking out of her office, she turns back around and grins. “and hey after he’s done with your computer can you tell him to look at mine. It’s… been having troubles starting up recently” Valour rolled her eyes, yeah right, she just wanted to flirt with him. As wonderful as Emily was, she was also a little too enthusiastic. No matter what she said it wasn’t going to stop her from doing it either. Disobedient employees were terrible but Em was helpful enough that the playful rebellion wasn’t going to get her fired… and worse part is she knew that.
“Did you at least get a name?” She answers tightly, her voice showing her unease.
“Oh right yeah he said his name was Faust. Odd huh, must be part german or something.”
“Faust?” In surprise, Valour peeks her head over her desk and sure enough, standing awkwardly off to the side of the front desk is Faust, idly browsing the candy bowl for toffees.
“Yeah. Interested now, are we?” her coworker raises an eyebrow just as Valour ducks back down and turns back to her. “I told you he’s cute. See how helpful I am. Hey what do you think the chances are of him being single?”
“No” Valour cut in sharply. “I can bet you money he isn’t”
“are you saying that because you are interested or…”
“I can bet you at least 30 bucks he isn’t. And if he is, he won’t leave here single” Emily grins at her.
“That’s my girl”


Janae RosietheRoo

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