Waypoint LARP: King George City

Tall Tale: It's A Bet Pt. 2

“Computer consultant huh” Valour puts a hand to her mouth as she holds in a laugh. “Do you even know anything about computers, what if somebody wanted you to actually fix something” The two of them are now sitting in her office with Valour in her chair behind her desk.
“I know my way around them” Faust objected pointedly. “I could probably fix it better than most people”
“without use of fae objects or magic?” Faust holds up his fingers and thumb to indicate ‘a little’ and Valour laughs. “Thats what I thought” Faust sighs, dropping his hand.
“Do you know why I’m here Val?”
“I know you aren’t here for a computer” Valour cut in. "As for the real reason for your visit I’m assuming it’s something along the lines of “Oh Valour I missed you so much” "
“… I don’t even sound like that” Faust wrinkled his noise at the impression. “And that isn’t it but I did miss you if that’s a condolence. I’m actually here because- oh right, I heard that a building caught fire and well… no offense Val but I can guess you had something to do with it” Valour gives him a face, clearly offended.
“That wasn’t me! Why do you assume every explosion in KGC is me!?”
“because it usually is?”
“Not everytime!” she objected hotly, jumping to a stand. She could see Emma raising an eyebrow at her and pointing at him as if offering help and Valour shook her head and sat down, quieter now. “It’s not always me”
“…But was it you?” Faust asked her.
“Well I mean technically it was my salamander”
“Val!” He threw his hands up with a sputter.
“what, the bamboo man wanted a steed so I provided”
“the what-”
“the bamboo- oh nevermind. Is that all you’re here for, to yell at me” Faust held up a finger.
“I’m not actually yelling, so theres that” he objected but Valour interupted him as she waved a hand at him.
“Fine, are you here to scold me”
“no I wanted to ask you for dinner but I felt that the explosions were a better topic to start with than any”
“…oh right… Well I get off in an hour so come back for me?” Faust nods.
“Sure but we’re taking a real car. What is this I heard about some civilians seeing a crazy ginger woman pulling a car out of a box?”
“probably someone crazy, okay lets go”
“Go?! I thought you-”
“I changed my mind lets just leave.” Valour gets up and grabs her bag and coat next to her computer. She puts on her jacket as she walks over to Emma, Faust hurrying along behind her. “Cancel any appointments, leave any paperwork on my desk. I’m leaving for the day” Emma looks at her in a mix of awe and confusion, her eyes then sliding over to Faust. Valour pointedly takes his hand in hers. “You owe me some money Emma but I think we can let it slide”


Janae RosietheRoo

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