Waypoint LARP: King George City

"I'm Canadian"

((I feel this is appropriate, timing-wise))

“So did you hear? America’s new president is that Trump fellow.”
Eri yawns and rolls over, still mostly asleep, and mumbles.
Ilya reclines on the bed next to her, settling in comfortably.
“That Trump won.”
Eri sighs, and sits up to glare at him.
“So your morning-after talks always concern politics? Because I really could care less.”
Ilya raises his eyebrows, surprised.
“The man seems to be a threat, especially towards anyone strange in your country,” Eri narrows her eyes.
“Believe me, if it came down to it, I could leave America or just manipulate him to do my bidding. Or kill him. So,” Eri reaches over and drags Ilya close
“I’ll be fine when I go back.” She kisses him and they settle into the bed, cuddling. Ilya strokes Eri’s back and frowns.
Eri notices and groans.
“What now?” Ilya shakes his head.
“I think you are too late to manipulate him; my boss said our president has Trump in his pocket already.” Eri yawns.
“So Russia, at long last, gains dominion over America without shedding one drop of blood. Classy. Reminds me of home.” She turns over and dozes off. Ilya stares at her in amazement.
“Where do you come from? Such politics are not common. Aren’t you from the United States?” Eri smiles, but keeps her eyes shut.
“Nope. I’m Canadian.”

((I had to write something, so meh. Hopefully everything is going good in game!))


Janae KatintheHat

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