Waypoint LARP: King George City

Home and Hearth

“There’s a phone call for you, madam.”
The concierge hands Eri a mobile phone, reminding Eri of an English butler. Maybe it’s a combo of the uniform and the manners.
Curious, Eri takes the phone.
“Ayama, merry Christmas. How’s Russia?” Eri pulls the phone away to stare at it incrediously.
“Dad? How the HELL did you find out I’m in Russia?” Eri hisses, hurrying back to her room.
“I asked the opera company you work for, reasoning they would have a line of communication to your tour. Was I not suppose to call?”
Eri slams the door, startling Diavel.
“What gives?!” He snarls. Eri points to the phone and mouths ‘Dad’. She tosses her hat aside to run her free hand through her hair.
“Look, Dad, we’ve been over this. You can’t contact me, period.”
“Why not? You’re my daughter, even if you do have a cat ears fetish.” Eri looks up at the ceiling, seeking guidence. The ceiling remains unhelpful.
“Don’t be an ass, you know why. Mom would make your life a living hell for contacting me and do those purification rituals to try and cleanse my ‘yokai aura’ from you.”
“Let me handle your mother.” His tone becomes colder as the argument continues. “She is not going to prevent me from having a relationship with one of my daughters because of her beliefs. And neither will you, for that matter.”
Eri closes her eyes, fumbling for the right words.
“Dad. You know I’m not exactly normal anymore, right?”
The phone buzzes for a second and grudgingly he replies “Yes.”
“Things are different now. I have to worry about more than getting the star part in a high school play, and I can’t risk having you contact me unless I give the go ahead. It’s not always safe, what I do. You told me once the only way for three men to keep a secret is for two of them to be corpses. Same rule applies and I don’t want you to be one of those corpses.”
The silence stretches between them, humming with tension.
“All right. I won’t call anymore.” Eri takes a deep breath and releases it.
“Merry Christmas, Dad. I’ll call you on your birthday.” She hung up gently, ears pricked for any response: nothing.
Eri falls back on the bedspread, feeling shittier than she has in months. Diavel curls up with her and together they watch the ceiling and listen to people bustling up and down the corridors. Unable to stand it any longer, Eri grabs the phone and dials the phone number to the Waypoint.
Getting the answering machine, Eri and Diavel look at each other.
“Hey everyone, this is Eri and Diavel. We wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and remind you all that we will see you soon. For now, we’ll leave a taste of what’s to come.”
And together they sing a duet of “White Christmas” with Diavel yowling along the best he could ((no performance XP lol)).
They finish by yelling “See you soon!” and hang up.
“Now that’s what I really needed this year,” Eri snickers and they cuddle until they fall asleep.


Janae KatintheHat

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