Waypoint LARP: King George City

Faust Meets The Family

Before Faust can even finish parking, Valour is jumping out of the door, slamming the door behind her as she hurries up the steps of the house. Faust simply just sighs. It’s begun all right. Faust finishes parking and even as he climbs out he can see Valour standing in muted excitement at the doorstep. Why she was waiting for him, he wasn’t sure, but he determined it was due to the fact she hadn’t seen her family since fatebinding. That does effect things. When he reaches the steps Valour whips her head back around and rings the doorbell and up close its easy now to see the actual worry on her face. Why would she jump out in such a hurry if she was also so afraid? But Val was never one to let things ride out, she was one to get things over with in a hurried fashion.
The door swung open and a middle age woman walks out, her dirty blonde hair tied back tightly into a neat bun. She is middle aged but she looks fairly young for having a twenty four year old daughter. She immediately smiles. “Nastia!” Valour squeals in excitement, and the two embrace. As her mother pulls away, her eyes stop at her hair and she lifts some of it in fascination. She says something in Russian, sounding dismayed and Valour counters, also in Russian with a wave of her hand. She turns back to Faust a moment later with an apologetic look.
“She’s asking why I have dyed my hair” She laughs and Faust, who is confused, laughs also although he isn’t sure what that is supposed to mean. A moment later she turns back to her mother and says something else to her in Russian, in which her mother replies although she sounds displeased. She shuffles inside and Valour follows, reaching back to grab Faust’s hand to lead him inside also. At the door they discard shoes and coats as the smell of warm good smelling foods hits them both. As Faust takes his time to remove his coat, a large man built like a bear walks into the front room, his greying salt and pepper hair slicked backwards and face frowning. He looks Faust up in down and he freezes for a moment. What beast is this?!
“Papa!” Valour’s happy squeal breaks the silence and Faust nearly trips backwards as Valour barrels into the man for a hug. He is horrified. This man… is her father… which means he will have to ask him for his daughters hand… Oh god how many people has this giant man murdered and kept in a freezer somewhere? As if the man knew what he was thinking, he turns to Faust, saying something in Russian and shoves out a hand causing Faust to flinch backwards. Valour sees this but she doesn’t address it however after another moment she leans in and whispers.
“say hello. And uh don’t shake too much, he can smell your fear” Faust looks at her with a look of horror. Val what did you get me into!?
“O-oh right hello I’m Quill Faust…” The man shakes it and grunts.
“Ivan. Right. That’s… well I should have guessed that.” After a moment he quickly adds “I mean because Va- Ana told me, not because its a common name or anything, I mean it is but I’m not trying to stereotype or any-” He is cut off by booming laughter. He looks up and sees that the man is slapping his knee in absolute delight and Valour seems to be snickering, but at least she was polite to put a hand over her mouth in attempt to smother it. He blinks in confusion.
“Did you see his face, Dochenka, he looked so scared I thought he would start with the sobbing” His voice was deep and just as terrifyingly deep as his laugh. Faust looks at Valour for help and she smiles at him, giving him the thumbs up. It’s then that he breathes back out in relief.
“There is food ready on the table, come eat!” Ivan invites. “Nastia go help your mother with dinner” Oh god don’t leave me here with this man. “This Quill Faust and I will go get firewood,” He turns to Faust. “you can lift yes? Well no matter you small wimpy arms, you will learn fast with how cold it is.” Valour nods, turning back to Faust.
“Good luck” She smiles before turning around to leave, much to Faust’s horror at the fact he is now alone in the front room with the beast of a large man that Valour calls her Father. He wonders if Good Luck was for the firewood or for the trip with her father. Faust sighs and puts back on his coat and is going back towards the door when he is stopped by Ivan. He smiles.
“No but really, you hurt my beautiful daughter, I take your head and grind it up and put in fireplace for kindle. Now, let’s go get some wood”


Janae RosietheRoo

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